Wooden Puzzle Dressup Mix

Wooden Puzzle Dressup Mix

$19.00 USD

Item Dimensions L x W x H

12.1 x 14 x 5.1 centimetres

  • Cats - dress up and puzzle! In this hearty game from Djeco 3 things have been combined that children love to have
  • 6 different cat puzzles from 3 pieces each - head / top and bottom part - can be assembled as required. This results in different - dressed cats. Doctor Cat - Pirate Cat - Ballerina Cat and More
  • All items are delivered in a pretty wooden box which also serves as a play mat.
  • A magical gift for children aged 2 and over. This great wooden toy looks really delightful and will give your pet a lot of joy
  • Material: wood – Dimensions of the box: length 14.2 cm, width 11.8 cm, height 5.2 cm.