The One Base Coat

The One Base Coat

$14.00 USD

The One Base Coat is a beauty bodyguard for your nails! Its hardening powers activated by natural light protect your nails with an unbreakable barrier.


Discover The One Base Coat and its ultra-resistant hardening power activated by natural light! This precious liquid is contained in a black bottle to maintain its stability and effectiveness.

The Promise:

Super protected nails
Extended polish wear
UV filter protects against discoloration and yellowing of the nail
Professional manicure without the need for UV lamps


Patented Pro UV technology
The Hexanal complex associated with a special polymer forms a high coverage and very resistant film activated by natural light.


With its revolutionary UV-sensitive technology, The Ultimate Top Coat captures light for an exceptional shine, extreme long wear and reinforced protection of the nail. Together with The One Base Coat, it forms a magic beauty double act!


Apply The One Base Coat on clean dry nails.
Apply one coat of your regular nailmatic polish, being careful to leave a 1 millimetre-wide border. If you want to add another coat, wait for the first one to be completely dry before applying the second (thankfully it’s quick dry!)
When completely dry, apply The Ultimate Top Coat and wait for it to dry… The light will do the rest!
For an ultra glossy finish, apply a second coat.


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All of our packing—including the Essentials—is recyclable and printed with vegetable dyes.

Contents: 8 ml