Soft Soul Baby Shoe - Panda - Grey
Soft Soul Baby Shoe - Panda - Grey
Soft Soul Baby Shoe - Panda - Grey
The Bonnie Mob

Soft Soul Baby Shoe - Panda - Grey

$33.00 USD

    • World-leading research with respected podiatrists ensures that fit, foot health, comfort and performance is paramount with all Bobux’s shoes.
    • Bobux Soft Sole shoes are made from artisanal leather that moves like a second skin on baby’s delicate feet.
    • With that natural flexibility, babies’ feet are free to bend and move like they would barefoot, and their legs are free to kick without any added weight on their feet.
    • Made from 100% genuine soft leather of the highest quality
    • No nasties: chrome free, non-allergenic, non-irritating and the brand uses water-based dyes and no harmful chemicals.
    • Porous leather and suede effectively wick away moisture, allowing growing feet to breathe
    • The suede sole is naturally fibrous, providing a natural grip for babies to navigate indoor surfaces
    • An elasticated ankle means they are easy to put on squirming feet and stay on comfortably