Liquid Marseille Soap - Wild Rose
Liquid Marseille Soap - Wild Rose
Compagnie de Provence

Liquid Marseille Soap - Wild Rose

$29.00 USD

The liquid Marseille soap Wild Rose fragrance in a convenient and unbreakable bottle.

Made in a cauldron according to tradition, as does its ancestor the authentic cube from Marseille, this liquid soap is elaborated with botanical oils from Provence. This soap gently cleanses the skin.

With 95% of ingredients of natural origin.

The remaining 5% are necessary to ensure the right preservation qualities of the product and a texture even more sensorial.


Suitable for frequent hand wash. Can be used for body wash. Apply on damp skin, gently rub and rinse thoroughly.


A voluptuous and sensual fragrance like a bouquet of freshly cut roses, created in Grasse.