Gibberish by Young Vo
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Gibberish by Young Vo

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gib·ber·ish — unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense. In a world with so much upheaval and change, we often find ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable and challenging. When we can't easily communicate, anxiety and frustration can take over. Young Vo's debut is the creatively told story of a boy who, after a long trip, ends up on a school bus full of children that speak gibberish. Artfully told from a perspective often ignored, you'll follow Dat as he starts to understand his surroundings and vice versa.

It's Dat's first day of school in a new country! Dat and his Mah made a long journey to get here, and Dat doesn't know the language. To Dat, everything everybody says – from the school bus driver to his new classmates – sounds like gibberish. How is Dat going to make new friends if they can't understand each other?

Luckily there's a friendly girl in Dat's class who knows that there are other ways to communicate, besides just talking. Could she help make sense of the gibberish?