Joy Box Bundle 4 (for grownups)
Joy Box Bundle 4 (for grownups)

Joy Box Bundle 4 (for grownups)

$99.00 USD


The DJECO Joy Box for grown ups proves you're never to old to "play!" Quite frankly, it's good for your mental health. Give your brain a break for a moment and reconnect with a different part of you. Take care, ask for help, lend a hand. 

Miss Birdy Gallery Puzzle 350pc - NEW 2020, Miss Birdy is a Springtime fantasy land and instantly brings joy to those who puzzle! Roll out the enclosed poster and get puzzling with this 1000 pc jigsaw.

Ze Balanceo Game - It's a game of balance and skill. Choose a partner to play or go alone. Roll the dice to know which shape to layer on next. Permission to make your own rules!

LGA Painting Butterflies Scarf - Paint your silk scarf. A beautiful silk scarf has a special print to the fabric so paint stays inside the lines. No matter what colors you use the scarf will turn out beautiful.

Scratch Cards - Beauties Ball - There's something so satisfying about scratch cards, revealing a secret layer beneath the surface. For those who want to remain in control, there's an instruction booklet to follow or free style it, we won't tell.

Puzz'art Octopus - 350pcs - Puzz'art brings puzzling to a whole new level. A shaped jigsaw puzzle that also includes openings will certainly give you a challenge. Don't worry it's just 350pcs, you'll have it done before the kids wake up.

Tattos Fair Flowers of the Fields - An essential in every kids life, but did you know these work on Easter eggs too? Get crafty. 2 perforated sheets