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All About Yolk

Styled By Emily Henderson

Styled By Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a stylist, author and T.V. host with a strong commitment to vintage inspired approachable home style for every single person. In this feature, she designs a nursery/office, and a Pom Pom mobile from Yolk makes it into the design!

Well folks, as you know, a couple of months ago we made-over Joy’s nursery/home office. David Tsay shot it for American Baby Magazine and now it’s time for the big reveal. It’s time to show America where Baby Coco Cho is putting her adorable little face. America wants to know and it’s our job to answer. You probably already saw the ‘make0ver plan‘ and yesterday’s ‘mountain mural‘ post and if not, feel free to read it before you proceed. Or just jump right into it if you’re that kind of lady (or man).

Welcome to Joy’s gender neutral, multi-functional, home office and nursery for America’s own Coco Cho. I mean, Coco Cho. That girl will grow up to be either a comedian or a Politican. Coco Cho for Congress, 2024!!

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