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All About Yolk

Gorgeous Apartment featuring stuff from Yolk

Gorgeous Apartment featuring stuff from Yolk

We discovered this while browsing through Apartment Therapy. This place is amazing and is in Silver Lake to boot. Best of all, it features items from Yolk!

Alicia and David’s Natural Elements Abode

Name: Alicia Lawhon, David Huffman, and Lola (dog)
Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles, California
Size: 1,835 square feet
Years Lived In: 13; Owned

Alicia places something in my hand that looks like a dried leaf — and, in fact, that is exactly what it is. She draws my attention to its velvety texture — “Doesn’t it feel like peach fuzz?!” Later, I realized that in that moment, Alicia was asking me to pause and consider the textural and sculptural beauty of an item that others would throw away, but that she instead chooses to honor by displaying on her dining room windowsill. This same reverence for humble beauty and natural elements is reflected throughout Alicia and David’s Silverlake home.

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