Alpaca Blanket Spectrum
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Alpaca Blanket Spectrum

$165.00 USD

The coolest and most colourful of spaces may call for a Spectrum blanket. A fun mix of orange, yellow, green and blue, this blanket can serve as a charming accent to any bed or living space. Not only will it do its decorative job well, but it will also successfully do its main objective of keeping you warm. Made of silky soft Alpaca wool, the blanket will gift you with superb warmth and insulation.

Material, Sizing & Care
Material - 80% Alpaca 20% Acrylic
ONE SIZE - 70"x 90"
HANDWASH in cool water. Air dry. Low setting on dryer for 10 minutes for maximum flufiness.
DRY CLEAN is always a recommended option.
MAINTAIN using a light bristly brush direction of the alpaca fiber. Iron on low in same direction.

Shipping & Returns
A natural, hypoallergenic & sustainable material coming from the yearly shear of the eco-friendly Alpaca. The spun fibers are artisanally loomed into lustrous garments. Eco-friendly packaging whenever possible, including biodegradable bags and recyclable